5 March 2024

Cranhill Development Trust shine a light at The Beacon

A group of adults and young people gathered around a large colourful circle of material in a playground. They are stood in a circle and everyone is holding the material in their hands

It's fair to say that Cranhill Development Trust (CDT) are delighted to be back at the re-opened Glasgow Life community centre, The Beacon in Cranhill.

CDT have been working in the area for 22 years to enhance the lives of local residents by delivering a range of services and activities including a shop, post office, educational classes, carpet bowls, health programmes and financial advice. 

One of their key successes in 2023 was their volunteer-run school holiday programme (pictured), which was supported by funding from Glasgow City Council. The programme included arts and crafts, sports, dance and lots of fun and free activities, as well as a healthy breakfast and lunch for those attending, all helping to reduce financial pressures on families during holidays. CDT were then able to identify families needing additional support and signpost them to other services.

The holiday programme was so popular that all the sessions were filled after a few days of opening and the team are already making plans for summer 2024.

CDT have expressed an interest in taking over the management of the centre through the People Make Glasgow Communities Programme and are at an advanced stage of engagement with the Community Assets team.

Cranhill Development Trust Events Coordinator Emma Young said: "Being back at the Beacon is a great success for CDT and everyone in Cranhill and its fantastic that we can now deliver our programmes from here. The GL Community Assets team staff are also very helpful with everything we need, and the booking process is easy."