22 May 2024

ESOL students visit Woodside Library

A group of ten people are gathered in a library for a group photo, two of them are sitting on a large plastic purple throne, while those standing behind each hold a book in their hands

Parents from Glasgow Clyde College's ESOL Transition class at St. Joseph's Primary School visited Woodside Library last week to tour the facilities and learn about the range of services and support on offer.

Librarian Kevan Smith and colleagues at Woodside welcomed the visitors and helped them sign up for their own library cards. The students then chose a book to read over the next week to give a spoken book review in their next lesson.

Tutors from the course said: "A big thank you to Kevan and all the library staff for facilitating the visit and making us so welcome. The students had a great time, and we are looking forward to hearing some nice book reviews next week."