28 March 2024

Glasgow City Council appoints new Chief Executive

A headshot of new Glasgow City Council Chief Executive, Susanne Millar

The council has appointed Susanne Millar as its new Chief Executive.

Susanne, who is currently Chief Officer of Glasgow's Health and Social Care Partnership, will replace Annemarie O' Donnell, who announced earlier this year that she was stepping down from the biggest local government role in Scotland after more than 30 years working for the city.

It is anticipated Susanne will start to take on some of the duties of the Chief Executive almost immediately, with a full handover complete before Annemarie retires in early May.

Susanne has spent her entire career working in social work and social care services in the city - starting in residential care for older people, then working with vulnerable children and families.

After holding strategy and planning roles, she became the Head of Children's Services and Head of Homelessness and Asylum Services.

In 2012, Susanne became Assistant Director of Social Work Services in Glasgow, then Chief Officer for Planning, Strategy and Commissioning for the newly-formed Glasgow City HSCP.

Since 2019, Susanne has led a team of more than 12,000 people as Chief Officer.