30 January 2024

GlasGowGreener January update

A graphic of leaves inside a lightbulb with text 'Glasgow Greener'

Welcome to our January update on GlasGowGreener - Glasgow Life's sustainability campaign which aims to help us all play our part in supporting the charity's climate actions.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in December's festive challenge by recycling and upcycling unwanted or obsolete items in your office or venue to make some fantastic 'green' Christmas decorations.  Our Sustainability team received lots of eye-catching images of your crafty creations. Glasgow Life certainly has its share of very talented improvisers and designers!

We hope the start of 2024 has so far been positive for you, however the seemingly relentless storms we've been having really do bring home how much climate change is impacting our daily lives, and how crucial our individual and collective efforts to combat it are.

Your continued support of our GlasGowGreener campaign, and your contributions to ensure we all work together to help minimise the climate crisis, is valued and vital.

Although we're nearly through January, it's certainly not too late to make resolutions for this new year, and definitely a good time to take the opportunity to renew our commitment to our sustainability efforts by making GlasGowGreener Resolutions. And that's what our new challenge is all about! 

A GlasGowGreener Resolution Challenge for 2024!

We're asking you and your teams to make impactful sustainable resolutions for this year - pledges that you'll be able to deliver in your workplace in 2024. 

Consider your own areas of influence at work, and how you can make a difference to contribute to a more sustainable workplace and environment.  These could be:

  • to reduce waste - by considering everyday things like your workplace energy consumption and potential energy savings
  • to adopt the circular economy approach - to re-use, repair and re-cycle goods and materials
  • to promote active travel - to reduce car use to and from workplaces, and adopt sustainable modes of transport
  • to protect and conserve biodiversity - to return habitats to their natural states

So let's get the thinking caps on, get the ideas flowing and, once you or your team have your GlasGowGreenerSustainable Resolution for 2024, please complete the form below and send your contributions, by Friday 16 February, to: sustainability@glasgowlife.org.uk

GlasGowGreener Challenge - January 2024

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My/our GlasGowGreenerSustainable Resolution for 2024 is:



As always, thank you for your continued support of our GlasGowGreener campaign and involvement with it throughout 2023.  And here's to a happy and greener 2024 for us all!