16 May 2024

Got a spare bedroom? Foster Glasgow would love to hear from you

 A set of coat hooks on a wall with scarves and jackets hanging off them

Help to support families in Glasgow by inviting a child to your home.

If you have a spare bedroom and would consider supporting a young person, Foster Glasgow would love to hear from you. They are urgently seeking foster carers for children who cannot remain at home on a full-time basis but also carers who can provide short breaks and carer support for short periods, such as one or two evenings per week or a weekend once a month.

Terri has been involved with short-term fostering for 14 years, she says "I work in adult social care but if I have a spare night or day at the weekend, I use it and give it to the kids. Giving a young person quality time whether it be playing cards, board games or even colouring in for a couple of hours is not hard work and they love it.

"If you can bring them that wee bit of security it's worth everything. I'd encourage anyone to consider helping to support a child or young person, it's not a huge time commitment and is so rewarding."

Find out more at fosterglasgow.org.