26 April 2024

Kelvin Hall retains five-star VisitScotland rating

A group of ten people standing in front of a reception area in a sports centre. They are posing for a photograph with gold star-shaped helium balloons

Kelvin Hall is delighted to have been re-awarded five stars from VisitScotland's Quality Assurance Scheme this month. VisitScotland is Scotland's national tourism organisation, and this scheme is the benchmark across Scotland for customer excellence.

Kelvin Hall was previously assessed in 2018, achieving five stars on its first assessment from VisitScotland. At the time, the Assessor commented on the incredibly friendly and engaging staff who ensured their visit was a first-class experience all round. Since then, the venue has strived to keep up its high levels of customer service.

This year's assessment highlighted Kelvin Hall's new reception signage which has recently been upgraded to include two new screens and a video with highlights of the venue. This was done following customer feedback, and VisitScotland acknowledged it as 'clear and bold signage, and a modern aesthetic.'  

There were full marks awarded for stand out interactions with the Kelvin Hall staff team who proactively approached our incognito Assessor and engaged with them on their memories of Kelvin Hall while sharing theirs. This was praised as an example of customer service which goes above and beyond. The Assessor reported that this was a 'genuine and enjoyable interaction which showed that the team are comfortable spending time with visitors.'   

Kelvin Hall strives to be an inclusive venue and welcoming to all people. This was also recognised in the Assessor's report. They stated 'It was fantastic to learn of the various initiatives and activities being offered at the venue to ensure inclusivity across a wide range of needs, interests, and protected characteristics.... great that you have an EDI task force to allow continuous development for this aspect.'

The Area Manager for Sport, Yvonne Greenlees commented "It is truly remarkable to see the dedication and hard work of our entire team. Each member's contributions are invaluable, and together, they have achieved so much. Being the Manager of the venue, proud doesn't even begin to cover it!"

This Award is made more special as it will be one of the last Quality Assurance Scheme assessments from VisitScotland as they look to change their operating model.

Pictured are some of the team at Kelvin Hall celebrating the achievement.