7 December 2023

Michelle publishes her first book

Cover illustration of a children's book showing five children waving at hear-shaped balloons in the sky

Michelle Bauge, Sport & Physical Activity Coordinator for Glasgow Life Sport has written a children's book which is out today, Friday 8 December.

Michelle, who has been with Glasgow Life for 15 years now, is Mum to two beautiful daughters and Gran to two beautiful granddaughters. She said:

"I am as normal as they come and I have always found great comfort and solace in life's simplest pleasures. When not working or writing, you will find me playing football, walking through the parks, sitting in coffee shops, reading a book, or listening to podcasts.

Writing has set me free in ways I never thought possible. I had no big plan, no big goal, only to write and use my words to promote love, compassion, hope and kindness. My words became a story, and the rest is history as they say. Inspired by my 6-year-old granddaughter, she is the reason this book exists, and if one child reads my book and feels less alone, then I have achieved my goal."

Michelle's book 'A Heart Full of Love' is about a little girl called Hallie whose superpower is self-love and it is available from today on Amazon and from Austin Macauley Publishers.

A person with long blonde hair wearing a grey shirt and smiling for a selfie