14 December 2023

Please update your email signature

Banner with graphic of a checklist, arrows and speech bubbles with text Colleague update

As we continue to develop and strengthen the Glasgow Life brand, it's more important than ever that we work towards all touch points carrying the correct branding.

To support our brand work, we ask all colleagues to use our company email signature. Our email signature helps us introduce or reinforce who we are as an organisation. By having a single brand signature, used consistently by everyone, we create brand recognition through every email we send.

The attached instructions will guide you through adding this to your emails. These instructions will also be saved on the intranet and will be added to our induction for new colleagues joining the organisation.

If you already use our company email signature, we also need your help to update it. The attached instructions have had an update from the previous version to now include alternative text within the image used in the signature. Alternative text describes the image and helps screen-reading tools describe images to visually impaired readers. For those of you already using our Glasgow Life email signature can you please update the jpeg used in your signature, to the one in the document. It needs to be copied directly from page 2 of the Word document and pasted into your signature in place of the one already there. Please read the steps in the instructions to guide you.

Although this feels like a small task, when we are all doing it collectively it can have a big impact on our external brand awareness; thank you for playing a part in this.