8 May 2024

Reducing our internal communications emails

Banner with graphic of a checklist, arrows and speech bubbles with text Colleague update

Taking on board colleague feedback, we will significantly reduce the number of internal comms emails we send going forward.

Instead, the Colleague Information section of our website and our intranet should be your go to resources if you have any HR queries or need to access up to date policies or forms. It's also where you'll find the latest news from across Glasgow Life.

We will continue to circulate our Weekly Bulletin email, every Friday at 3pm, highlighting the stories, policy updates and vacancies we think colleagues should know about and pointing you to our online platforms for more information.

We know a lot of frontline colleagues don't have a work computer and can't access our intranet, which is why the Colleague Information section of our website is available from your own phone, tablet, or laptop. Please bookmark this link on your personal device: www.glasgowlife.org.uk/about-us/colleague-information. If you have a Glasgow Life laptop or PC, our intranet will be your default browser homepage.

Should you have any suggestions for improving the Colleague Information section of our website or our intranet, let us know at internalcommunications@glasgowlife.org.uk.

Managers, please share this message with colleagues who do not have regular email access to help raise awareness of these important resources among your teams.