1 February 2024

Reset your login password - forced password resets from next week

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CGI will be rolling out their password expiry programme across Glasgow Life from next week.

If you haven't recently changed your password you may be asked to change your password when you next login.

How to change your password before your forced reset

  • Log in to your device in the usual way.
  • Press CTRL, ALT, DELETE at the same time and select 'Change a Password' - you will be asked to enter your current password once, and then your new password twice to change it.

Your password - key rules

  • Your password should always be difficult to guess, and it must be kept secret and not shared with anyone - even a colleague.
  • You must not use the same password you use to log in to the network on any other service or website.
  • You should not write your password down anywhere.
  • You should get into the regular habit of changing your password frequently to help keep our network safe, and also locking your screen when away from your device - hold down CTRL, ALT, DELETE and select Lock.