8 May 2024

Susanne Millar starts as new Chief Executive of Glasgow City Council

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Susanne Millar has now become the new Chief Executive of the Council following the retirement of Annemarie O’Donnell last week.

Susanne joins from the Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership after a career working in the city’s social work and social care services – starting in residential care for older people, then working with vulnerable children and families.

After holding strategy and planning roles, she became the Head of Children’s Services and Head of Homelessness and Asylum Services.

In 2012, Susanne became Assistant Director of Social Work Services in Glasgow, then Chief Officer for Planning, Strategy and Commissioning for the newly-formed Glasgow City HSCP.

In a message to staff, Susanne thanked Annemarie, for leaving big shoes to fill - but also a great team to help her break them in. She went on to say:

“Glasgow, to me, is a creative and innovative place. It is Scotland's economic powerhouse; punching above its weight to attract investment - both in the city and across its surrounding region.

“But I believe that kind of economic regeneration has to go hand-in-hand with the city's social regeneration. From housing and infrastructure to health, skills and raising the aspirations of our communities; the synergies and the potential are right there. It is up to us to use them to Glasgow's benefit.”