5 July 2024

Ten-minute trainers to learn about our Glasgow Life Behaviours

A person smiling and checking out a book at a library counter. The Librarian is stamping the book

Our Glasgow Life Behaviours are the way that we live our values every day. From our attitudes and the approach we take to our work and how we do things, to how we treat our colleagues and customers, and expect to be treated. What binds us all is that we are committed to making a difference through being Inclusive, Committed, and Ambitious.

For July to September we are focussing on our three We are Committed behaviours:

  • Accountable
  • Engaged
  • Shows Initiative

Please take ten minutes each month to explore our Glasgow Life Behaviours through our short GOLD microlearning sessions or paper versions of our 'ten-minute trainers' - they make it quick and easy for you to reflect on how you can bring these behaviours alive every day in your role.

You can find all the resources you need on the intranet homepage under 'Useful links', Our Glasgow Life Behaviours.