Non-core Pay (NSWP)

What is NSWP?

If Glasgow Life require a member of staff to regularly work a non-standard work pattern, they may be entitled to additional pay.  This is referred to as Non-Standard Working Pattern payments (NSWP) or "non-core pay".  

Our payscales show you when non-core pay applies and if you think you are entitled to this, or if you are unsure, please speak to your manager.  You will find our payscales in the Pay Information section (see link in Related Items).

In all cases, there must be a work pattern saved on our system that supports your non-core pay (see Related Items for more information on work patterns).



Retrospective NSWP

Some staff claim non-core pay retrospectively every quarter.  This is usually because their work pattern changes regularly depending on the needs of the business.  Submission deadlines and payment schedule for these retrospective NSWP payments can be found on the Pay Information Page (see Related Items for link).


If you think you are entitled to claim retrospective NSWP, please speak to your manager.

How do I claim or change NSWP?

Setting up non-core payments or making changes to non-core pay must be requested by your manager.  They can find more information using the link below.

Additional support for managers

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