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Pay dates and payroll deadlines

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The payroll schedules document below gives information on payroll deadlines and pay dates.

Understanding your payslip

What should I do if my pay is wrong?

If you think that you have been paid incorrectly, please speak to your manager in the first instance.  There are a number of things they can check to see if it explains the situation. 

For example:

  • Is your work pattern correct on record?  See the section on work patterns below and in Related Links for more information.
  • Has your claim for additional hours been put through on time?  See the section below for more information.
  • Has your NSWP (non-core pay) been applied correctly?  See Related Links below for more information
  • Has an amendment to your contract been submitted on time (e.g. an increase in hours)?  If the request to make an amendment to your contract and pay was submitted after the payroll deadline, then it may not have been processed on time for the next pay day.  It will be actioned for the following pay day.  You will find the payroll deadlines and pay dates in the above section and there is more information about the process for making changes to your pay and contract in the Changes to Pay and Contracts page, which you'll find in Related Links.

If your manager is unable to help after checking the above, they will enquire with Customer and Business Services (CBS) who process our payroll.  

Work Patterns


To ensure accurate pay and leave deductions, you must have an up to date work pattern saved in our payroll system. See the link in Related Items below.

Additional Hours (Overtime)

Additional hours (overtime) should be claimed as follows...

My Portal Users (PU): claims can be made directly through My Portal unless they are over 3 months old, in which case follow the Non-Portal User process.

For guidance on making claims through My Portal, go to the My Portal page in the Related Items.

Non-Portal Users (NPU): complete form and follow the process flow chart below

I didn't receive my additional hours payment, what should I do?

If you're a My Portal User, you should firstly check that you submitted your claim, and that your manager approved it, before the payroll deadline.  You can find the payroll deadlines above.  If your manager has approved your claim but didn't do it before the payroll deadline, then you will receive your additional hours payment in your next pay.

Please note claims are assigned to your line manager's worklist when submitted.  If it isn't approved within 1 calendar week (7 days) then the claim will escalate to the next manager in the hierarchy.  If your manager doesn't think they received the claim in their worklist, they should check with their manager to see if the claim has escalated.  

If the claim still can't be found in the system, your manager should contact to check where the claim is sitting and request for it to be redirected to the correct approver.

If you're a Non-Portal User you should check with your manager if they authorised and submitted the form to CBS before the payroll deadline.  You can find the payroll deadlines above.  If it wasn't done before the deadline, you will receive your additional hours payment in your next pay (providing your manager sends the form to CBS as soon as possible).



Pay Changes

The link to Pay & Contract Changes, in Related Items below, will take you to information on how to request changes that affect pay.


Changes that affect pay need to be submitted to CBS before the payroll deadline for the corresponding pay day.  Check the Payroll Schedule to find out when the deadline is.

Additional support for managers

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