Empowering communities

Helping people to give back to their community
A man facing a women, giving advice and smiling in a library setting

Volunteering gives Glaswegians the chance to make a difference in their local area. Not only that, but they learn new skills and make new friends. Our volunteers choose to give up their time to benefit communities across the city. 

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Glasgow Life - Empowering communities
Our volunteers come from all walks of life and represent communities across Glasgow. It’s the volunteers themselves who tell us that their motivation to volunteer is to make a difference in their own community.
Man in a wheelchair, in a sports hall setting and pointing to a group of people in the background, 3 of the people are also in wheelchairs.


There is a range of volunteering opportunities available. Are you interested in helping at one-off events? Or at one of our venues? Our museums, libraries, sports facilities, and arts and music venues all offer volunteer roles.

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Other ways we’re empowering communities

  • A free service which provides support to adults in the Calton area of Glasgow to help them access activities and services.

    A group of ladies taking part in indoor fitness class all with their arms in the air.
  • ESOL learners enjoy improving their English in many ways. Including reading, speaking and making new friends.

    4 women from different ethnic backgrounds sitting at a desk with books, pens and paper in front of them
  • Glasgow Life Digital Champions support adults who need help with basic digital skills.

    Two people in a library looking at a computer. One is sitting in front of the computer, the other is standing, leaning over and holding the computer mouse.
  • This programme supports parents and kinship carers to increase their income through employment.

    A women and a man in an office setting sitting at a desk with a form in front of them the man is leaning over and pointing at the form
  • Health walks are easy, sociable and most of all good fun. What’s more, with over 50 walks taking place each week, there’s bound to be one near you!

    A large group of people walking along a path in a park on a sunny day with a large tree and grass in the background
  • We support entrepreneurs and innovators from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and growing a business.

    A man wearing a shirt and a face mask sitting in front of a PC in an office setting