Increasing access to culture and sport

Making sure there are no barriers to participation
Photograph showing two young women standing looking at a Van Gogh painting hanging on a museum wall

Nothing should stop people from accessing culture and sport. That's why we're committed to making sure our programmes reach all Glaswegians. We want everyone to feel the benefits of culture and sport.

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Increasing access to culture and sport through the Art for Baby programme at GoMA.
Friendships have been formed. They all end up in WhatsApp groups and they see each other every week. Week after week you see them growing in confidence.
A young child wearing a pink jacket and hat touching a piece of wall art of the wall whilst staring straight into the camera

Art for Baby

Art for Baby at the Gallery of Modern Art provides mums with a relaxing place to meet other parents. They can explore the GoMA with their babies in an informal atmosphere. Surrounded by sensory toys, the group then have the chance to work on their own creative projects and take home as a keepsake.

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Other ways we're increasing access to culture and sport

  • A free service which provides support to adults in the Calton area of Glasgow to help them access activities and services.

    A group of ladies taking part in indoor fitness class all with their arms in the air.
  • Walking Football

    Our sessions help those taking part to become fitter and healthier, and are beneficial for their mental wellbeing.

    Group of men on an indoor football pitch playing walking football
  • ESOL learners enjoy improving their English in many ways. Including reading, speaking and making new friends

    group of women of different nationalities sitting around a desk reading and writing with one women leaning over to check their work
  • People with medical conditions can have fun getting active with the support of our specially trained Vitality instructors.

    image of a man and women sitting on floor in a gym stretching out to touch their toes
  • Live Active will support you to become more physically active, helping you build the confidence to make positive changes and achieve your goals.

    one man standing pointing at a piece of exercise equipment while a women in a wheelchair beside him looks at what he is pointing to
  • If you're looking for ways to get fit in your own home, then Glasgow Club Digital Membership is for you!

    female in her home doing the plank while watching an exercise class on her laptop in front of her