Increasing literacy and language skills

Helping people to develop and learn new skills
group of women of different nationalities sitting around a desk reading and writing with one women leaning over to check their work

We want the people of Glasgow to experience the benefits of learning. Our wide range of classes helps improve learners' lives. They allow people to develop new skills and meet people. Not only that, but they can help to boost their confidence and job prospects.

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Increasing literacy and language skills through our ESOL programme.
One learner comes to mind. A father of four was keen to keep developing his English so he could support his children with their schoolwork and have a better chance at gaining employment.
4 women from different ethnic backgrounds sitting at a desk with books, pens and paper in front of them

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Open to anyone over 16. Our classes are vital in helping people take part in their community. Whether that’s being able to speak to neighbours, make a doctor’s appointment or socialise in general. ESOL allows learners to meet new people and develop their language skills.

Other ways we’re increasing literacy and language skills

  • Glasgow’s ambition is to have a vibrant, thriving Gaelic community, open to all.

    Two actors on stage with dark background and various props in front of them during Gaelic Arts at Tramway
  • Free adult literacy and numeracy learning in local venues throughout Glasgow for adults.

    two people, one sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of him and phone in his hand, another person standing looking at the laptop and leaning over.
  • Home Library Service

    A free service offering books, audiobooks and other materials to customers who can no longer visit their local library.

    A person at home reading a book sitting on a chair
  • Free, fun and friendly sessions that include songs, stories and rhymes for your little ones to enjoy and interact with others.

    Adults and children sitting around in a circle within a library setting holding toys and books with the Book bug mascot standing behind them.
  • A range of local, blended digital learning opportunities, including safe online participation.

    Close up of the back of a persons head facing a large computer monitor and a smaller computer monitor
  • A wide range of learning programmes across Glasgow to suit all ages

    A teacher and a group children gathered round a desk look at a laptop screen, with other laptops on the desk.