Supporting enterprise, learning, work, and skills development

Boosting job prospects and helping people develop new skills
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We make sure the people of Glasgow have access to learning opportunities. Our programmes cover everything from digital skills to sports coaching. They allow people to learn new skills and help them get into work.

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Supporting enterprise, learning, work, and skills development
One young person went on to set up their own coaching business, others have gone onto university to study sport, whilst some have gained new skills but moved away from sport altogether.

Coach Core

Coach Core is a modern apprenticeship for young people who aren’t in education, training, or employment. The programme allows them to gain several qualifications including one in sports coaching. It gives them experiences and skills which help them move into work.

Other ways we’re supporting enterprise, learning, work, and skills development

  • We support entrepreneurs and innovators from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and growing a business.

    A women sitting at a small desk typing on a laptop with a bookcase behind her with information resources on the shelves
  • Free and accredited digital skills courses ranging from the basics to professional qualifications.

    Two students with their backs to the camera sitting in an office chair facing a PC, the screen on the PC showing computer code.
  • Finding Work

    Glasgow Life Libraries provides information and resources supporting job hunting, creating a CV, preparing for an interview, and more.

    Group of adults in a library who are sitting around a table. The are all smiling and engaged in a conversation.
  • ESOL learners enjoy improving their English in many ways. Including reading, speaking and making new friends

    group of women of different nationalities sitting around a desk reading and writing with one women leaning over to check their work
  • This programme supports parents and kinship carers to increase their income through employment.

    A women and a man in an office setting sitting at a desk with a form in front of them the man is leaning over and pointing at the form
  • Glasgow Life Digital Champions support adults who need help with basic digital skills.

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