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5 questions for Inveraray and District Pipe Band

Home Arts, Music and Cultural Venues

5 questions for Inveraray and District Pipe Band

Ahead of this year's World Pipe Band Championships, we caught up with John Dew, one of the youngest pipers from last year's winning pipe band, Inveraray and District.

  1. How does it feel returning to The Worlds after your win last year?

    There's a little bit of pressure on us but so long as we have a good, solid performance we'll be happy.

  2. You’ve won the European Championships twice in a row now, but 2017 was your first time winning at The Worlds. How did you celebrate?

    We celebrated by playing on the Green for a wee while after the March Past and then having a party well into the night followed by some of the pipers taking a short day trip to Inveraray the following afternoon.

    On the following Saturday, after the Cowal Gathering the band went back to Inveraray to a heroes welcome. There were over 500 people there to welcome us home the band marched up the main street before playing for a while in front of the church.

    The Community Council arranged a champagne reception for us and one of our best sponsors, The George Hotel, laid on food for us. The party lasted well into the following morning…

  3. What do The Worlds mean to you?

    The Worlds means so much to so many of us. Playing in the Grade 1 ring is a dream come true, it's a place young pipers aspire to play in, so getting the opportunity to do that is immense. To follow that with a good performance and winning a prize is a huge bonus on top of that.

  4. What’s your favourite part of your day at The Worlds?

    For me personally, the performance aspect gives a buzz especially when the crowd cheers after the medley, but in the afternoon we get to relax before the march past and that feels very rewarding (especially with a beer in hand!)

  5. If you weren’t taking part, who would you be supporting?

    For the majority of us we would be supporting our friends in other bands, not necessarily any particular bands. But we all have our biases and favourites.


    The World Pipe Band Championships take place on Glasgow Green on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 August. Book your ticket now