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Coming up at Tramway

Home Arts, Music and Cultural Venues

Coming up at Tramway

As Tramway launches its new season we pick early highlights from a programme packed with the very best in international contemporary visual and performance art.

  1. Samara Scott: Belt and Road

    Tramway 2 is one of the largest single galleries in Europe at approximately 1011 square metres in size, and highly distinctive with original tramlines, and steel pillars. For her most ambitious exhibition to date, Belt and Road, artist Samara Scott has created a large site specific installation in response to Tramway’s main gallery. Scott’s work is improvised in situ, using fluid and supple materials - cosmetics, cat litter, mustard, toilet paper, milk, soil and cleaning products are just some of the substances that have made up her alchemic collages. A total of around 180 different materials have been used in this amazing exhibition, which is open until October 26.

    Samara Scott: Belt and Road
  2. Wen Hui/Living Dance Studio: RED

    Beijing-based Living Dance Studio, make their debut appearance in Scotland with a documentary performance RED. The show’s choreographer Wen Hui co-founded the company in 1994 as China’s first independent dance company. This work finds its inspiration in and point of departure inThe Red Detachment of Women, first performed in 1964 and one of the eight revolutionary model theatrical works that formed the official cultural canon during the Cultural Revolution. You can see a version of the original ballet here. RED is at Tramway on 1 October.

    Wen Hui/Living Dance Studio: RED
  3. Jamie Crewe: Pastoral Drama

    Pastoral Drama, a new commission by Glasgow-based artist Jamie Crewe that comprises two videos, played simultaneously that use allegory and animation to think about progress opens in Tramway 5 on 16 September. Drawing from the ancient Greek myth of Eurydice and Agostino Agazzari’s Eumelio (a 15th-century opera in which the titular male character stands in for Eurydice, and achieves a different fate), Pastoral Drama emphasises the cleft between boy and woman, and envisions the collapse of a mythic past.

    Jamie Crewe: Pastoral Drama
  4. Once Off Productions: Concert

    Once Off Productions present Concert on 12 and 13 October.  In the show Colin Dunnne, a leading figure in the world of traditional Irish dance who has made the cross over into contemporary dance and theatre, takes on the ‘undanceable’ music of the late Dublin fiddle player Tommy Potts. This iconic musician released only one commercial recording, The Liffey Banks (1972) which is populated with his tongue twisting tunes shot through with a swathe of influences from the river itself to Chopin and Rachmaninov. Concert sees Dunne, a Riverdance veteran and Olivier award nominee for his solo work Out Of Time, draw on his extraordinary technique to illuminate the music of Tommy Potts afresh.

    Once Off Productions: Concert
  5. Tramweans

    On 3 September Tramway will be weans’ world for the first session in the new season. Tramweans is the perfect mix of creative expression and feel-good-fun for little ones aged 3-5, and their grown-ups. Renowned choreographer and dance artist Aya Kobayashi leads the sessions, which explore imagination and creativity through movement and play. Sessions will take place in Tramway’s beautiful studio and exciting gallery spaces, and will be inspired by the art and architecture within Tramway.


For all the details of Tramway’s fantastic new season visit Tramway's website and follow the conversation @GlasgowTramway.