Walker and Bromwich

Artists Neil Bromwich and Zoe Walker pictured on a city street

'We are a collaborative visual artist practice creating high profile participatory art works in the public realm.'

In their current commission, Walker and Bromwich will deliver a programme of visual art workshops, active transport (cycling, walking, wheeling) and creative events that follow the route of the hidden Molendinar Burn from its source within the Seven Lochs Nature Reserve to Glasgow Green, where it flows into the River Clyde.

This project - ‘Our Green Home – Let it Breathe’ - builds on their previous Clean Air Campaign, an active transport art event which gave voice to participants around social and environmental issues. This local climate related initiative was co-created with On Bikes, Blackhill and Sunnyside School of Conservation, and Craigend in the North East of Glasgow.

Walker and Bromwich's latest project aims to give agency and ownership around the Green Economy and Glasgow’s move towards net zero, while building a sense of pride in place and collective action.

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Artist Zoe Walker poses with a high vis waistcoat and leaf prop
Zoe poses with some of the props used in previous community events