Live Well evaluation report

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These activities have made me less lonely and isolated, I have met new people and am hearing about other activities I might try in the future. It’s really changed my life.

An independent evaluation of the Live Well Community Referral programme has produced positive results.

Carried out by Social Value Lab, it shows 240 people received support as part of the pilot from June 2022 to September 2023 and found:

  • 100% of participants felt their general happiness had improved.
  • 98% said they felt listened to, and the information they received was relevant and useful.
  • 98% said they were supported to identify individual wellbeing goals and
  • 75% went on to achieve them.
  • 97% agreed that taking part in activities had helped them to feel less lonely or alone.
  • Crucially, 96% of participants agreed they would not have taken part without LWCR support.
  • 96% were more physically active and 93% were better connected to people in their community.
  • 93% indicated that the support from Live Well Health and Wellbeing Advisers was a key factor in finding out what was available to them.
  • Overall, 95% indicated that, based on their own LWCR experience, they would recommend the programme to others.

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