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Coronavirus - Latest Information
Antiracism in the Scottish arts sector: Webinar Course

Antiracism in the Scottish arts sector: Webinar Course

Antiracism in the Scottish arts sector: Webinar Course


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2nd Feb - 9th Mar 2021
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*Bookings for this course have now closed*

Racism impacts the Scottish arts sector in systemic, structural and interpersonal ways. It is all our responsibilities to challenge and change this.  This course aims to support cultural practitioners to embed antiracism in our practice. Over a course of six webinar style sessions participants will be able to explore antiracist values, antiracist practice and our own roles within systemic racism and white supremacy. We will be learning and discussing how to bring together antiracist values with everyday practice. Participants will be offered resources, reading and reflection materials. 

Often the labour of dismantling racism is left to people of colour. This course is open to everybody, however it is designed for white arts and culture professionals working in Scotland who are looking to challenge racism. It will be focused on antiracist practice with and for artists, culture professionals and arts organisations. 

These live 2-hour sessions will take place on Tuesdays from 2 February - 9 March 9 2021, 12-2pm 
Led by Laurie Brown and Naomi Shoba, the course will include short talks and presentations, and group discussions.

Freelancer's fee - £33 for 6 sessions (includes a 10% booking fee)
Organisation fee - £88 for 6 sessions (includes a 10% booking fee)

Costs are subject to additional transaction fees

Installation shot of Nick Cave: Until, Tramway 2019
With thanks to the artist
Photo by Nadia Lucchesi

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