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Arika – Episode 10: A Means Without End – DAY 4

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Arika – Episode 10: A Means Without End – DAY 4


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Arika – Episode 10: A Means Without End – DAY 4



Dates and times

Saturday 23 November 2019
2:00PM - 10:45PM

Complex ways of understanding our complex times. Maths & Poetics. Gesture & Physics. Collectivist Struggle & Desire. 

Day 4 of 5 days of performances, discussions, screenings and study sessions about how the art and thought of collectivist desires, the complex flow of contemporary maths and the counterintuitive realities of particle physics help us grow the capacity to be one another’s means without end. 

Jay Bernard | boychild | Mijke van der Drift | Denise Ferreira da Silva | James Goodwin | Stefano Harney | Laura Harris | Nathaniel Mackey | Alexander Moll | Fred Moten | Arjuna Neuman | Nat Raha | Nisha Ramayya | Wu Tsang | Ueinzz | Jackie Wang | Fernando Zalamea

Visit the Arika website for the full schedule and detailed programme information.
Browse the programme as PDF>

2 – 4pm
Discussion on Mathopoetics - Fred Moten & Fernando Zalamea
A back and forth between Fred and Fernando on the transits and obstructions between mathematics and poetics, and how both help us to think from the other side.

4.30 – 6.00pm
Vorticity in the Eternal Hum - Alexander Moll & Jackie Wang
What’s the relationship between the eternal hum of the oceanic beloved and the persistence of vorticity in fluid dynamics? And how does Alice Coltrane’s harp help us stay there?

7 – 7.45pm
Borders between Mathematics, Gestures and Dance - boychild & Fernando Zalamea

How do we gesture to the invisible, the trans or the obscure? A performative conversation between boychild and Fernando, a sharing of gestures, and a bodily back and forth between mathematician and dance artist.

8.15 – 9.40pm
Future Ruins: transfeminism, austerity and the archives - Jay Bernard, Mijke van der Drift & Nat Raha 
DISCUSSION (Captioned)
Radical transfeminism aims to hold the space for finding relations between the ruins of the everyday. Emerging from the debris, spaces for politics find form as poetics to carry understandings, actions and be/longings.

10 – 10.40pm
Untitled Hand Dance – boychild
“Hidden in the hands an alluvial transcription of reach and embrace. The final flickers of the body’s expression, caress and touch.” -  boychild


All events are Pay What You Can, just turn up on the day. Attend for free if that makes the most sense for you. But if you can afford to pay, please do. A suggested average daily payment is £8, although less is also fine and more is welcomed if you have the means. Please come to as many events as you like, regardless of what you pay. Pay by cash or card at the Arika Desk in the Tramway Foyer. 

Most events at the Episode will have live Captioning, also known as Speech to Text Reporting (STTR). These events are noted as Captioned.

If you would like to attend any events and require BSL interpretation Arika will try to make that happen. Please contact Arika, with as much notice as possible on to arrange.

Content Notes: This Episode will involve improvised conversations and events whose content cannot be predicted. There could be topics or images that come up that some might find upsetting. We’ll make announcements before events, where appropriate. If you have any questions or concerns – speak to staff at the Arika Desk.

The Episode will host a Quiet Space a space for anyone who needs to chill out a bit, relax and take time out from the events and the bustle.

For full Visitor Info including further info on the above as well as Travel, Access and Where to Stay  information please go here 

Image - boychild, Untitled Hand Dance



Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

Open tomorrow 9:30am - 8:00pm

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