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Coronavirus - Latest Information
LIVE DOUBLE BILL: Alex Augier & Alba G.Corral, Jorge Crowe

LIVE DOUBLE BILL: Alex Augier & Alba G.Corral, Jorge Crowe


LIVE DOUBLE BILL: Alex Augier & Alba G.Corral, Jorge Crowe



Dates and times

Friday 1 November 2019
7:00PM - 8:15PM

Part of SONICA Glasgow 2019

Alex Augier (FR) & Alba G. Corral (CAT/ES) | ex(O)
A new audiovisual work from Paris-based electronic musician Alex Augier and Alba G. Corral, the Barcelona-based visual artist and coder, ex(O) explores ideas of transmission and broadcast. The audience surrounds a circular screen within which the artists work in silent, shadowy collaboration. As Augier’s electronica surges and sears, Corral’s floods of spiky, brilliantly colourful geometric shapes fill the screen: bringing to mind microbial organisms under magnification or geopolitics seen on timelapse, they chase, battle, overrun and devour one another around its 360 degrees in a ceaseless frenzy of vivid action.

Supported by: Institut Ramon Llull & The Alliance Française de Glasgow

Jorge Crowe (AR) | Ludotecnia
For over a decade, Buenos Aires-based artist, teacher and electronics developer Jorge Luis Crowe has run Toy Lab (Laboratorio de Juguete), teaching the use of electronics as creative tools – a project which informs Ludotecnia, a work he brings to the UK for the first time. On a cross between a sound engineer’s mixing desk and a toymaker’s workbench, Crowe activates an army of plastic robots and gadgets adapted to both produce and respond to sound, building up a chiming electronic soundscape, while psychedelically colourful projections generated from filming the devices at work flow over the walls of the performance space. Charming but uncompromising, this is electronic music and performance at its most playful.

Supported by: National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) and The Embassy of the Argentine Republic, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

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Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

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