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Coronavirus - Latest Information
Robert Softley Gale: Comfort Zones? Whose Comfort Zones?

Robert Softley Gale: Comfort Zones? Whose Comfort Zones?


Robert Softley Gale: Comfort Zones? Whose Comfort Zones?



Dates and times

Monday 23 September 2019
7:00PM - 8:00PM

This event is part of Altered States and Human Threads, a season from the inclusive arts organisation Artlink, devised in response to 'Until', our current exhibition by Nick Cave, and aimed at breaking down barriers of difference through shared experience. It will take place in the gallery.

Robert Softley Gale is an established figure in the Scottish arts scene, with over eighteen years of experience in diverse roles – including disability rights activist, actor and performer, writer, artistic director and supporter and advocate of equality of access to the arts for disabled people, whether as artists or audiences.

In this interactive discussion-workshop, he will look at the ways in which we can stretch our comfort zones and meet those around us in an equitable space. How can the arts create environments that allow us to share experiences that brings us closer together and how do we challenge ourselves to become less divided and remove the boundaries we construct around ourselves? Come ready to move.

Suitable for ages 16+
If you require additional info on access to this event please contact Artlink directly.


Part of Altered States and Human Threads (23 September – 14 October) curated by Artlink (Edinburgh) which aims to unite diverse audiences through immersive experiences. Funded by Creative Scotland.

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Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

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