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Samara Scott

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Samara Scott


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4th Aug - 28th Oct 2018

For her first exhibition in a public institution in Scotland, Samara Scott will create a large site specific installation in response to Tramway’s main gallery. Scott’s work is often improvised in situ, using fluid and supple materials that allow her to work at a certain tempo. Body gel, glitter, toilet paper, sponges, milk and food dyes are just some of the many substances that make up her liquid collages – sensual materials which both allude to the body and offer the promise of transformation. Her installations are often volatile and alchemic, they churn,  shift and decay over time as material manifestations of the excess and illegibility of our contemporary environment.

Inspired by the gallery’s similarity to open air structures such as markets, thoroughfares, arcades and glasshouses, Scott will create a promenade space in which audiences are confronted by what Scott calls the ‘glitching grit’ of contemporary culture. At Tramway Scott literally suspends these miscellaneous accumulations to create series of translucent, putrid, and seductive sculptures. 

Image: Samara Scott, Developer, Pumphouse Gallery, 2016, detail.
Photo: Eoin Carey



Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

Open Tuesday 9:30am - 8:00pm

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