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The Sedate

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The Sedate

Festival 2018

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Friday 10 August 2018
8:45PM - 9:15PM

Within the friendship lies a dimension of struggle, a tension between self-wills. A parallel movement of trust, a license to let go. They kept away from fixity and stability, courting then later losing gazes. They carried their dancing shoes in their handbags and patrolled street corners at night. They took pleasure in style, disruption, and fantasy. They didn’t know how to stop so they reckoned they might as well keep

Witness the hypnotic distortions of female quartet Stasis featuring electronic mix by artist Ailie Ormston. Blownout basslines, pure expression, messing with the status quo; we’ll laugh as you cry.


South Brunswick Street

South Brunswick Street, Glasgow, G1 1TD