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Tramway TV: Liv Fontaine

Tramway TV: Liv Fontaine

Tramway TV: Liv Fontaine


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Wednesday 11 November 2020
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Tramway TV presents two films by Liv Fontaine:

The Darker Days of Me and Him
This semi auto-biographical and part fantasy work is a personal and informative exploration of the considerations of sex while sick, the impossible physical expectations that may or may not lead to increased desirability and wealth and the crippling of a health service by an authority in favour of those who already have everything. Minor themes include memories of feminist heroes and friendships with cold-blooded beasts.

CONTENT WARNING: This film contains strong language and nude imagery in reference to illness, shame, desire and sex. Recommended for an adult audience.

Philomela Just Like Maria
Recorded in 2019 as part of a collaboration with Annika Larsson for her video ‘Dance Macabre’ at The Doublet, and featuring music by Edwin Stevens.

CONTENT WARNING: This film contains strong language, and is recommended for an adult audience.

Both films are available on our Instagram TV channel now:
Watch The Darker Days of Me and Him >
Watch Philomela Just Like Maria >

About the artist
Liv Fontaine is an artist, writer and performer from Southampton who currently lives and works in Glasgow. Liv’s live work typically focuses on the idea of hysteria and wild desperation as the only adequate response to society. Under the performance pseudonym VIV INSANE she creates uncomfortably entertaining situations that attempt to challenge notions of patriarchal privileges, sexual stereotyping and the subsequent violence of these - all the while examining her own complicity in this total orgy of depravity. Visit her website to find out more >


Music in The Darker Days of Me and Him, and Philomela Just Like Maria, performed by Edwin Stevens. 

Philomela Just Like Maria was recorded in collaboration with Annika Larsson for her video ‘Dance Macabre.’


Tramway TV is the online platform for our arts programme, featuring a combination of film, artist conversations, digital performances and online interventions from visual artists and performance makers across Scotland and beyond.

Tramway TV can be accessed on IGTV via our Instagram page.

Image courtesy of the artist

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