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Coronavirus - Latest Information
Tramway TV presents Performance Now

Tramway TV presents Performance Now

Tramway TV presents Performance Now


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All ages

Dates and times

Wednesday 31 March 2021
7:00PM - 7:30PM

Meet the three artists who have been awarded Performance Now commissions by Tramway, as each share snaphots of their work and process on Tramway's IGTV channel.

Tramway has awarded Performance Now commissions to the following Scotland-based artists: Mamoru Iriguchi, Cindy Islam and Calvin Z Laing. Each artist will develop new work as part of Take Me Somewhere contemporary performance festival, who will announce their full programme in April 2021. Each artist will receive funding and producing support from Tramway to develop an online project interrogating hybrid approaches to making, ways of being present and what it means to make Performance Now. 

You can visit the Take Me Somewhere website in early April to book your festival pass and follow the artists' work. Visit the website now to sign up for regular updates.

Performance Now is supported by the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund.

More about the artists

Mamoru Iriguchi is a performance maker and theatre designer with a background in zoology. The Edinburgh-based artist's practice explores 2D/3D, liveness/pre-recorded-ness, gender/sexuality, and fairytales/evolution theories. His work has included: 'Sex Education Xplorers (S.E.X.)' (in development, Made in Scotland Showcase), 'Eaten' (nominee, Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland) and '4D Cinema' (Autopsy Award). 

Calvin Z Laing is a performance artist currently living and working in Scotland. Recent performances include Calvin & Jogging, Edinburgh Art Festival, 2020, Calvin & Geppetto, Twitch TV, Scotland, 2020, Calvin & Ancient Times, A-Dash, Athens, 2019 and Calvin & Breakfast, Austrian Cultural Forum, London, 2019. He is a visiting lecturer at Kingston School of Art, Edinburgh College and Edinburgh College of Art. 

Cindy Islam is one of the artist’s most recent pseudonyms. The artist uses different identities and anonymity as a way to critique the "celebrity" status afforded to some artists. Cindy Islam is a counter(re)action of Britishness. Cindy Islam is the aftermath of thirty years of failing to comply with assimilative demands. Cindy Islam forges a Diasporic reality of ambivalence and rejection of homogeneous cultural values.


Tramway TV is an online platform for our arts programme, which features a combination of film, artist conversations, digital performances and online interventions from visual artists and performance makers across Scotland and beyond.

Tramway TV can be accessed on IGTV via our Instagram page. 

Images from L-R are video stills from work by:
Cindy Islam, Calvin Z Laing, Mamoru Iriguchi

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