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Trial and Error: Artists' Moving Image Programme

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Trial and Error: Artists' Moving Image Programme


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Trial and Error: Artists' Moving Image Programme



Dates and times

12th - 18th Nov 2018

Part of Estonia Now celebrating 100 years of Estonia

Mon-Fri 12–5pm
Fri & Sat 12-7.30pm
Sun 12–6pm
Free admission

The exhibition-screening Trial and Error presents contemporary moving images by 9 Estonian artists within a thematic framework of everydayness and human attempts in coping with it. 

In a variety of ways the selected works open up daily life and simple routines, but all with a constant tension vibrating in the background. Both physical conditions, emotional states and the surrounding space come to focus. Each day captured by the frame is in continuance, there is movement and process. However with disrupting the narrative time, purposeful existence is taken apart to reveal something rather simple, honest, but often hollow. According to the philosopher Karl Popper, the physical world can be regarded as an open system, in which each organism constantly solves problems through trial and error. The potential for failure is permanently present, but to live and grow means to again and again connect an error to a new trial. 

Participating artists: 

Flo Kasearu, Mari-Leen Kiipli, Paul Kuimet, Laura Kuusk and Camille Laurelli, Marge Monko, Mark Raidpere, Liina Siib, Ingel Vaikla. 

The programme is curated by Kulla Laas and Kaisa Maasik in collaboration with the Estonian Union of Photography Artists (Foku), the Ministry of Culture of Estonia and the Estonian Embassy in London, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, CCA Glasgow and TalkSeePhotography. Co-produced by Tramway.


Estonian Union of Photography Artists (Foku) was created in 2007 to introduce and develop contemporary art and visual culture as well as to engage different audiences in the discussion about art. Since 2011 Foku has organised Tallinn Photomonth – an artist led biennial of contemporary art and visual culture. Tallinn Photomonth looks at developments in art and society in a world mediated by cameras, screens and images. 

Image: Still from Ingel Vaikla’s film "Rosenberg", 2017




Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

Open today 9:30am - 8:00pm

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