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A room in the Family History centre at The Mitchell Library featuring multiple desks with PCs and bookcases, there are a few people sitting at the desks looking at the computer screens.

Researching your family tree is now easier in Glasgow. You can use all the resources at The Mitchell - including the Registrars Genealogy Service, the City Archives and Special Collections - to explore millions of records and delve into the lives of your ancestors.

Black and white photo showing 6 children in a park having a picnic, three of the children are boys and are drinking from bottles of juice.

Registrars Genealogy Service

Use the ScotlandsPeople system to search millions of Scottish records, including birth, death and marriage certificates and the census.

Registrars Genealogy Service

Family History services available

  • Glasgow City Archives

    Enjoy the wonderful documentary heritage of Glasgow and the west of Scotland over eight centuries.

    A black and white photo of the Broomielaw at the corner of Jamaica Street, c1914, with multiple horse art carts stacked with barrels and the well-known tailors and outfitters, Paisleys building in the background.
  • Special Collections

    Research your family tree and delve into our rich collections of rare books, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers and maps.

  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Archives

    Access archives of the hospitals in the Glasgow area and in Dumbarton, Greenock and Paisley.

    Black and white photo of a hospital ward at Springburn and Woodside hospital showing multiple beds side by side in the ward with nurses and doctors standing around.
Two men looking at a large publication containing historical information and black and white photos with bookcases of information behind them

Where to start

Our guide to get you started is packed with useful tips and family history guides to help you trace your family history

View our guide to help you get started in your search.
A black and white photo of children sitting in a courtyard of a large building with no shoes on breaking sticks.

Image Galleries

View a range of images from our collections including images from WWI and shop fronts and streets in Glasgow and see how Glasgow has changed over the years.

Family History Image Gallery