Customs and Excise Officers

Find out how to uncover details about ancestors who worked for Customs and Excise within Glasgow, Port Glasgow & Greenock, and Campbeltown.

What do I need to know before I start?

Try to find out:

  • name of the person
  • approximate time that they were employed
  • name of the outport or district where they worked


What records can I find in the Mitchell: Glasgow City Archives?​

Glasgow City Archives hold records about staff (such as officers, clerks, boatmen, tidesmen, warehouse keepers) of the customs outports of Glasgow, Port Glasgow & Greenock, and Campbeltown.

The records include:

  • registers of oaths of office
  • lists of oaths of officers in letter books
  • records of ages & capacities of officers
  • service registers
  • registers of seamen engaged by the outport

Details given in the entries of these records vary but can include:

  • name
  • office (occupation)
  • salary
  • if they are married
  • number of children
  • comments about conduct and character
  • date of resignation

The dates covered for each outport are:

  • Glasgow, 1799-1901
  • Port Glasgow & Greenock, 1727-1765 and 1831-1920
  • Campeltown, 1764-1894 and 1938-1975

Records are closed for 75 years under data protection legislation, but please contact the archivists for more details.


What records can I see on​line?

The records are not available online.


What records can I see elsew​here?

Other Scottish Customs & Excise Boards' records are held at the National Records of Scotland.


What other resources will help me find inform​ation?

The National Records of Scotland's Guide to customs and excise records.


Frances Wilkins, Scottish customs and excise records with particular reference to Strathclyde (1992)



Glasgow City Archives

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