This is a brief guide to finding records about children evacuated from Glasgow and the west of Scotland during the Second World War.

What do I need before I start?

Try to find out:

  • The name of the school the evacuee attended, or the area where they lived


​What records can I find in the Mitchell: Glasgow City Archives?

Glasgow City Archives hold log books and admission registers for many Glasgow schools and a large number for schools in the west of Scotland. Information about evacuees is most likely to be found within school log books (journals kept by the head teacher). Entries in the log books usually state where and when children were evacuated, and how many were evacuated. However in most instances the names of the children evacuated are not given. Sometimes teachers who accompanied children are named. Very rarely a school admission register will include a note that a pupil was evacuated, as well as when and where they were evacuated.


Additionally the City Archives hold registers of persons evacuated to the Burgh of Oban, which includes many Glasgow children. For more details please contact the archivists.


The Archives also hold a file from the Glasgow Corporation’s Civil Defence Department about their general arrangements for the evacuation of Glasgow school children. This includes a list of Glasgow schools where children might be evacuated from, as well as guidance notes for parents about evacuation. However individual children or families that were evacuated are not named.


What records can I see online?

The records are not available online.


What records can I see elsewhere?

School records for other areas of Scotland may refer to Glasgow evacuees that were evacuated to the area.


​What other resources will help me find information?


Contact details for other local archives that may hold school records for their area can be found at the online directory on the Scottish Archive Network website.


Strathclyde Regional Council, Evacuation: a collection of sources
William Boyd, Evacuation in Scotland: a record of events and experiment (1944)



Glasgow City Archives


0141 287 2910

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