Marine Register

Guide to the registers of the deaths of Scots on UK registered merchant ships and deaths at sea of Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel during war time.

What do I need to know before I start?

Try to find out:

  • name of the person
  • ship’s name
  • date of death ​

What records can I find in The Mitchell: Registrars?

The returns of deaths at sea have been digitally imaged. Copies of these images, together with a full index, are one of the many resources available as part of the ScotlandsPeople network which you access in the Registrars on payment of a daily fee.

Included are records of deaths:

  • on British-registered merchant vessels at sea, where the deceased was usually resident in Scotland
  • at sea of Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel during war time including Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and RNLI

The information in the records may include:

  • name of deceased
  • rank
  • nationality or birthplace
  • details of ship
  • particulars of death


Special Collections holds Registers of Deceased Seamen from 1886 to 1952. This source relates to crew only.


What records can I see online?

Images of the marine register up to 1960 can be purchased on the ScotlandsPeople website.


Visit to search and download details of merchant seamen who served 1835-1857



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