Merchants, Crafts and Apprentices

Discover merchants and craftsmen in Glasgow over four centuries.

What do I need to know before I start?

Try to find out:

  • name of the person
  • when they lived
  • their occupation or craft


What records can I find in The Mitchell: Glasgow City Archives?

The City Archives holds the records of the Merchants House and the Trades House of Glasgow, the fifteen individual craft incorporations within the City, as well as the records of crafts from surrounding areas.

The records may include :

  • members
  • financial records, including membership fees
  • donations to poor members or other charitable giving
  • educational endowments, including Allan Glen's school
  • apprenticeships


The collections include:


Title Date Reference
Merchants House of Glasgow ​1558-1975 T-MH
Trades House of Glasgow 1597-1975 ​T-TH1
Hammermen of Glasgow 1616-1934 T-TH2
Tailors of Glasgow ​1504-1974 ​T-TH3
​Cordiners of Glasgow ​1550-1961 ​T-TH4
Weavers of Glasgow ​1504-1974 ​T-TH5
Maltmen of Glasgow 1615-1977 T-TH6
​Bakers of Glasgow 1574-1961 ​T-TH7
​Skinners of Glasgow 13th - 1976 T-TH8
​Wrights of Glasgow (see Masons up to 1600) ​1650-1977 ​T-TH9
Coopers of Glasgow 15th -1910 ​T-TH10
Fleshers of Glasgow ​1576-1968 ​T-TH11
Masons of Glasgow (including Wrights until 1600) 14th-1976 T-TH12
Gardiners of Glasgow Job title T-TH13
Barbers of Glasgow (including Surgeons to 1722) 1656-1962 ​T-TH14
​Bonnet-makers and Dyers of Glasgow 13th - 1957 T-TH15
Framework Knitters and Stocking Makers of Glasgow ​1756-1904 T-TH16
​Weavers of Anderston ​1754-c 1985 ​T-TH2 and TD1615
Hammermen of Calton ​1789-1854 ​TD105
​Weavers of Govan 1756-1963​ TD1740​
​Weavers of Rutherglen 1641-1871 RU9/1

​What records can I see online?

There are no records online.


What other resources will help me find information?


The Burgesses & Guild Brethren of Glasgow, 1573-1846, edited by J. R. Anderson (Scottish Record Society, 1925).

The burgess entry records whether a burgess was a member of the Merchants House or a particular craft.



Glasgow City Archives

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