Scottish Women's Hospital - NEW Catalogued Records

Posted on 25 March 2015
A photo of a leaving summary for Norah Neilson Gray (ref: TD1734/5/1/1)

The City Archives holds the recently-catalogued papers of the Scottish Women's Hospitals (SWH). This Wellcome-Trust funded project has made the collection fully accessible to the public for the first time since its deposit in the 1920s.

Glasgow City Archives holds the financial records of the Scottish Women's Hospitals (SWH), which was active during World War One. The SWH sent fourteen units - where the roles of surgeon, nurse, orderly, chauffeur and cook were held by women - to seven countries. Many of the women were suffragists who temporarily laid aside their campaign to gain the vote in order to care for both soldiers and civilians affected by the war. See our earlier post on the SWH's founder, Dr Elsie Maud Inglis.

Women were recruited from both the UK and overseas and the collection contains several sources to help you trace your SWH ancestor. These include personnel files, an A-Z index of personnel, indexed minutes of the Personnel Committee and photographs for some of the units. Please contact the City Archives for further information. The image shows the leaving summary for Norah Neilson Gray (one of the Glasgow Girls) who served as an orderly at Royaumont (ref: TD1734/5/1/1).