City Archives

Explore Glasgow's rich and fascinating history through the public records in the City Archives.

Archives is open:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-4pm and the first Saturday of every month by appointment. To book a research appointment with Archives please email or call 0141 287 2910.

The Registrars Genealogy Service is open:

Monday and Tuesday from 10am-4pm and on the first Saturday of each month.

Online Catalogue

The library online catalogue is where you will find the items which have been added since 1976. However, the majority of items acquired by The Mitchell pre-1976 are only available in card catalogues, microfiche and other paper-based finding aids. Staff will be able to help you use printed catalogues and other sources to help with your research or enquiry. Please get in touch so we can help you locate the information you need.

There is an ongoing programme of retrospective cataloguing so items are being added all the time. Some of our special collections already available in our online catalogue include:

Robert Jeffrey Library 

Robert Burns Collection 

Children’s Collection 

Scottish Drama Collection 

Edwin Morgan Library  

See our Collections A-Z for more information about collections in our online catalogue and other finding aids.