Music at the Mitchell

Music Practise Rooms

In the Mitchell Library our music practice rooms and found on Level 4. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to squeeze your bagpipes, play the piano or simply sing your heart out, our music carrels are the space for you. Please note: the music practise room cannot be booked in advance. They operate on a first come, first-served basis. With a piano they cost £3.50 per hour (concessions available) and without £1.50. Call us on 0141 287 2901 or email for more details. Please note: 

Music Scores 

The majority of our music scores are not listed on the online catalogue, but you will find some under the composer, title or songwriter. Onsite, we have card indexes cataloguing our extensive music collection. You can search for a song, composer, type of music or instrument. We also have individual song and sheet music and old music collections like “The STV Collection”. As with any of our collections, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please speak to a member of staff.

Whether you or your group performs or studies music, we have orchestral and vocal scores available for hire. We also have a large collection of chamber music. Prices range from £25.00 to £40.00 for musical scores and £35.00 to £45.00 for vocal scores, depending upon the length of time they’re borrowed. Separate indexes for these are available within the General Services Dept on Level 4.

Music Magazines

Whether you’re a musician, historian, academic or just looking for something interesting to read, we’ll have a music magazine for you. Whatever your instrument, whatever your genre, whatever your era, speak to our staff on Level 4 and they’ll help you find something that fits. Some historical periodicals may require 48 hours notice to access.

Vinyl Collection

We have a large vinyl collection, covering most genres. Although they’re not borrowable, we have a record player on Level 4 in one of our study carrells which is free to use. 

Email or call us for more information: 0141 287 2901