Periodicals, Serials and Yearbooks

The Mitchell Library has a large number of periodicals, serials and yearbooks, many of them spanning decades! Our periodical collection includes thousands of journals and magazines while our yearbooks and serials cover a wide range of subjects.

Whether you’re looking for information on art & literature, fashion, engineering, law, music, science, trains, planes or automobiles, we’ll have something for you (or know where you can find it)Our collection includes titles dating back to the 18th century up to the current day. Whether you’re interested in taking a peek at what life was like for the Amateur Photographer in 1884, browsing Bridge International or brushing up on what interior design advice was being given to readers of Decorator in 1906 then General Services is the place for you. We also subscribe to many current magazines from Autocar, to Empire, to Good Housekeeping.   

We’re working on getting our periodical catalogue online. In the meantime, contact us on 0141 287 2901 or email and we can let you know what we hold on the subject.

You can also access hundreds of online journals and magazines from home using your Glasgow Library card.

To ensure the material you wish to view is available, please contact us at least 48 hours before you visit on 0141 287 2901 or email