Family Finances Approach

Here to help you improve your income through employment

Who we are

Our Family Finances Key Workers are a professional and approachable team dedicated to helping parents improve their financial resilience and increase their income through work.

Eligible parents are paired with a dedicated key worker who will support them to achieve their employment goals and overcome any barriers they may face. This approach is free and customised to the needs of each parent, for as long as they need it.

How we can help

We look at your family situation to help you create an action plan and link to the correct services and experts to achieve your employment and income goals.

This could be accessing funded training, supporting you to talk to employers and practical things like household budget planning and childcare options.

Who can use the approach?

We're here to help parents and kinship carers who want to enhance their employability skills. You can either be in work or out of work and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • single parents or kinship carers
  • under 25 years old
  • belong to black and minority ethnic groups
  • have a disability
  • have a child with a disability
  • have three or more children
  • have a child under one year old
  • on a low income

How to get in touch

Call, text, or email us to find out more about the service and next steps.

Mobile: 07443 814 190 / 07443 814 677

“When it comes to Family Finances, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I did without it. I had a great relationship with my keyworker, and we were always making forward progress. My mental health has improved massively. Having the action plan to work against really kept myself on track and focused on my goal.”
“When I met with my Family Finances Keyworker I had only been in Scotland for a short time and had no idea how to go about finding work. My keyworker was able to get me the support I needed in lots of different areas and I realised I could cope and be able to find work that could help my family. Since I started with Family Finances my confidence in my own abilities has grown and I am so happy that I now have a good job. I felt very hopeless and now I am happy and looking forward to the future.”