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Gallery of Modern Art Exhibition Programme

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Gallery of Modern Art Exhibition Programme

  1. Cellular World: Cyborg-Human-Avatar-Horror

    Until 7 October 2018

    Cellular World is a group exhibition, featuring works by nine internationally renowned artists, that introduces the key thematic concerns of this year's Glasgow International Festival Director's Programme. The works on show explore questions of identity and individual and collective consciousness at a time of prolific social change and uncertainty, when reality can often seem more life science fiction.


  2. TASTE!

    TASTE! is an exhibition of artworks from Glasgow Museums' collection displayed alongside material from our archives. It explores how collections are built, artworks are commissioned and exhibitions are organised.

  3. Inner City
    Inner City

    Until 11 November 2018

    With the work Inner City by Michael McMillen as the centrepiece of this exhibition, artists Alberta Whittle and Mitch Miller explore our relationship with our urban environment and the often-hidden communities that inhabit it.

  4. Jack Knox: Concrete Block

    From 6 July 2018 until 13 January 2019

    Jack Knox is one of Scotland’s most influential artists of the 20th century. While working consistently for nearly fifty years his style of painting never stood still. This exhibition in Gallery 4 will look at a ten-year period of his work, from the late 1960s onwards.


  5. Stones steeped in history exhibition view
    Stones Steeped in History

    This display reveals key moments in the building's history. It begins in the 1700s when it was commissioned as a mansion for a tobacco merchant until the present.