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Riverside Museum Displays

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Riverside Museum Displays

There are 9 main display themes at Riverside Museum.

  1. Riverside Museum replica street

    Individuals, organisations and transport innovations have shaped Glasgow’s streets and how they were used. There are three streets at Riverside Museum - Street 1 (1895-1930), Street 2 (1930s-1960s) and Street 3 (1960s-1980s).

  2. River Clyde display with map of river
    The River Clyde

    Over the centuries, changes to the River Clyde have reflected developments in Glasgow as it grew to become a major port and industrial city.

  3. Skateboarding display at Riverside Museum
    TranSport & Leisure

    People use transport for leisure, sport or to escape the City.

  4. Shipbuilding display on the Clyde
    Made in Scotland

    People in Scotland applied their skills and ideas ingenuity to transport used throughout Britain and the world.

  5. Car with costumes
    Looks and Fashion

    People's tastes, styles and desires have affected the way transport is designed.

  6. Riverside Museum ship display
    Crossing the World

    Transport linked Glasgow with ports and cities all over the world.

  7. Riverside Museum locomotive
    Cutting Edge - Past, Present and Future

    People's Desire to travel further, faster, higher or safer has pushed horizon’s.

  8. Red mini couper crash
    Disasters and Crashes

    Transport failure whether by accident or intent, has affected people's lives and the way transport is designed, built and used.

  9. Riverside Museum trams and trains
    Getting there

    The ups, downs and obstacles people experience travelling around Glasgow and Scotland.