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What to see at Provand's Lordship

Home Museums

What to see at Provand's Lordship

  1. Provand's Lordship kitchen
    Room designs

    With rooms furnished in period style, featuring a fine collection of 17th century Scottish furniture gifted by Sir William Burrell as well as a series of historic royal portraits, you will get a real sense of life in the 'Auld Hoose'. 

  2. Provand's Lordship St Nicholas Garden
    St Nicholas Garden

    Once you have toured the house, make sure you find time to visit the St Nicholas Garden situated behind the house, where you can relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. This garden has been recreated in the style of gardens in the 15th Century.

  3. Provand's Lordship Tontine head
    Tontine Heads

    Surrounding the garden, the cloistered walkway displays an intriguing collection of carved faces. These strange stone masks are known collectively as the Tontine Heads or Tontine Faces. Over the years, these stone masks were scattered then eventually unearthed at various sites around the city. They were finally reunited in 1995 when the St Nicholas Garden opened.

  4. Provand's Lordship St Nicolas Garden

    The Cloisters are a partially enclosed space overlooking the garden, offering the perfect location to reflect on the world. They partly surround and enclose the central parterre and provide an elevated vantage point for visitors. The Cloisters also incorporate a ramped peripheral walkway to view the Tontine Heads.