Donating to the collection

Visitors can offer objects to Glasgow Museums. Whilst we are grateful for offers, there is an extensive process that is followed to assess which objects are accepted.

Please do not send unsolicited objects through the post, or take unsolicited objects to any Glasgow Museums' venue. Glasgow Museums will not accept these and is not responsible for the care, condition or return of unsolicited items. We will dispose of unsolicited items.

What customers should do to offer an item for donation:

  • If you have an object that you would like to donate, please contact us. You can email, phone Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC) on 0141 276 9300, option 4, or speak to a member of staff at one of our venues. We will need your name, contact details, information about your object and a photograph of it if possible.

  • If we are interested we may ask to see and keep your object for a short time to study it more closely and make a decision. Should this happen you will be issued with a receipt and a timescale will be agreed for a decision.The details of your potential donation proposal will then be discussed at a Collections Meeting. These meetings take place once a month and are chaired by our Collections Manager. Your object will be looked at in accordance with our collecting priorities, and you will be notified of our decision within 20 working days.

  • If we decide to accept your offer of donation, we will ask you to complete and sign a Transfer of Ownership form, including copyright details. We will then complete our acquisitions process and your object will become part of Glasgow Museums’ Collection. Information will be held in paper form and on the collections management database, including your name and address as the source of the donation.

If we do not accept your object, it may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. We already have similar items.
  2. Your item does not match our collecting priorities.
  3. The item is not in good condition.
  4. The provenance of your item is not known or not clear.

If we decide not to accept your offer of donation, we will return your object to you (if it was temporarily in our possession). If appropriate we may suggest other museum bodies who may be interested.