Curious City Podcast - Dark

Episode 17 - Countess of Southampton, Sleeping patterns, Matthijs Maris, The Plague
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Photograph of a building in the dark

In this episode of Curious City, fashion historian Mairi MacKenzie joins host David Scott to look at the impact Dark has had on Glasgow and its citizens over time.

Featured, in this episode:

Photograph of the fashion historian, writer and curator, Mairi MacKenzie, photographed inside the Burrell Collection

Mairi MacKenzie

This episode's guest

Fashion historian, writer and curator, Mairi MacKenzie is this episode's guest. Mairi is Research Fellow in Fashion and Textiles at Glasgow School of Art.

Mairi at Glasgow School of Art
Photograph showing the painting of Elizabeth Vernon (1572–1655), Countess of Southampton

Countess of Southampton

Curious City regular Rebecca Quinton meets Michael MacKinnon and reveals the implications of how black has been used in clothing throughout the ages.

Countess of Southampton on Collections Navigator
Photograph of Laura Bauld, Burrell Collection Project Curator

Sleeping Patterns

Curious City regular Laura Bauld reveals to Alan Braidwood how darkness influenced sleep and how people they spent their time during the dark hours.

16th century bed on Collections Navigator
Photograph of the painting Grief, by Matthijs Maris, Grief

Matthijs Maris, Grief

Michael MacKinnon meets Pippa Stevenson-Sit who reveals the depths of the darkness in the painting by Matthijs Maris.

Matthijs Maris 'Grief' on Collections Navigator
Photograph of the object of St Roch

The Plague

Curious City regular, curator Ed Johnson, tells Michael MacKinnon the story of St Roch through this alabaster figure.

St Roch on Collections Navigator