Curious City Podcast - Glasgow Green

Episode 10 - Story of the Green, Templeton's Carpet Factory, George Parsonage
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Photograph showing an aerial view of Glasgow Green looking west towards the city centre

In this episode of Curious City, host Alan Braidwood is joined by our guest, the Spoken Word artist Oliver Robertson.

Featured, in this episode:

Photograph of the spoken word artist Oliver Robertson

Oliver Robertson

This episode's guest

Oliver Robertson is a Spoken Word artist who grew up close to Glasgow Green. In this episode Oliver shares his stories of the Green, and his own work.

Oliver Robertson on Instagram
Photograph of Ingrid Shearer standing in front of Templeton's Carpet Factory building

Short History of the Green

Alan Braidwood meets Ingrid Shearer from the Glasgow Building Preservation Trust who offers us a unique insight into the Green's history and what lies beneath it.

Glasgow Building Preservation Trust (GBPT)
Photograph showing the Doulton Fountain on Glasgow Green

People on the Green

Bryony Bates meets the Glaswegians using the green and hears their stories.

The Doulton Fountain
Photograph showing the outside of Templeton's Carpet Factory on Glasgow Green.

Syliva Krauss and Templeton's Carpet Factory

James Gibson takes a visit inside Templeton's Carpet Factory to meet paintings conservator Sylvia Krauss to hear what working inside the building is like, and the work she does in it.

Sylvia Krauss Paintings Conservation
Photograph of George Parsonage in rowing boat on the River Clyde

George Parsonage

David Scott meets George Parsonage and hears about the incredible role he has played in the relationship between Glaswegians and the River Clyde.

Parsonage Riverman - official website