Curious City Podcast - Julie Lin at the Burrell

Episode 7 - Glasgow Food Scene, food in The Burrell Collection, Chizu Anucha
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Photograph of Curious City podcast host David Scott with guest, chef Julie Lin in The Burrell Collection

In this episode of Curious City, host David Scott is joined by our guest the chef, TV presenter and writer, Julie Lin.

Featured, in this episode:

Photograph or the chef, TV presenter and writer Julie Lin, standing inside The Burrell Collection

Julie Lin

This episode's guest

Julie Lin has been working in the food and drinks industry for over ten years. After competing in Masterchef 2014, Julie now co-owns Ga Ga with Marc Ferrier and Fraser Hamilton and it has been awarded the 'Best Restaurant in Scotland'.

Official Julie Lin website
Photograph of a silver hot chocolate pot from 1702-1703, made by William Lukin

Food objects in The Burrell Collection

Curators Laura Bauld and Ed Johnston quiz each on what are their favourite food-related objects in The Burrell Collection - and why!

Silver hot chocolate pot in Collections Navigator
Photograph showing the inside of the kitchen at The Burrell Collection.

Chizu Anucha

Chizu is a music, sound and video artists based in Glasgow. As part of project using The Burrell Collection as an inspiration to make soundscapes, Chizu used the kitchen in the Burrell Collection to create a unique piece of music.

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