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Episode 16 - Electricity comes to Glasgow, Working by Candlelight, Photographer's Studio, What is Light?
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Photograph showing the Aurora Borealis above the Clyde Valley

In this episode of Curious City, history enthusiast AprilMaybeJune joins host David Scott to look at the impact Light has had on Glasgow and its citizens over time.

Featured, in this episode:

Photograph of the TikTok history enthusiast April Hamilton, aka AprilMaybeJune

April Hamilton - AprilMaybeJune

In this episode we are joined by April Hamilton, aka AprilMaybeJune, best known for her #60secondhistory videos on TikTok.

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Black and white photograph showing passengers walking across the concourse at St Enoch station, in 1955.

Electricity arrives in Glasgow

Alan Braidwood meets Curious City regular Norry Wilson and asks what was the first building in Glasgow to have electricity, and what impact did it have on the city.

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Photograph showing a Lace Border

Working by Candlelight

Curious City regular Rebeca Quinton meets Michael MacKinnon and reveals some of the secrets of how people created detailed work like lace, in the days before electricity.

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Photograph of Jim Dunn, photographer

Photographer's Studio

David Scott heads to the photography studio at Glasgow Museums Resource Centre to meet photographer Jim Dunn, and discover some of the unique challenges light creates when photographing museum objects.

Glasgow Museums Resource Centre
Photograph showing The Burrell Collection in sunlight.

What is Light?

David Scott meets David Thomson, a museum professional with specific experience of museum and historic building environmental performance. David's speciality is about the care of historic objects on display and in transit, and here he discusses the impact light has on objects.

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