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Episode 2 - Glasgow subway, Graeme Obree, Elton John, Coneheid
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Photograph of Susan Morrison and David Scott

In this episode of Curious City, host David Scott is joined by our guest, the writer, broadcaster, comedian and history fanatic, Susan Morrison.

Featured, in this episode:

Photograph of the comedian, writer and broadcaster Susan Morrison standing inside Riverside Museum

Susan Morrison

This episode's guest

Susan Morrison is a writer, broadcaster, comedian and has a huge passion for history. Her speciality is ships in particular the RMS Titanic.

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Photograph of the inside of Sheilds Road Subway station, with two people about to get on board.

Glasgow Subway

David Scott goes underground to discover the history of the 3rd oldest subway in the world.

Subway Carriage in Collections Navigator
Photograph showing cyclist Graeme Obree standing beside a bike he designed and built himself in the 1990s, smashing the record.

Graeme Obree's Bike

Michael MacKinnon meets Neil Symington and learns how Graeme Obree's bike was made.

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Photograph of a multi-coloured platform boot once worn by Sir Elton John

Elton John's Platform Boots

Alan Braidwood meets visitors to Riverside Museum asking who these boots were made for.

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Photograph showing the Duke of Wellington statue outside the Gallery of Modern Art wearing a traffic cone


Bryony Bates asks Glasgow why the Duke of Wellington always wears a traffic cone.